Appointed Officials

A democracy relies on its citizens to share their time, energy and expertise with the community by serving on various authorities, boards, commissions and committees. There is no better way to become actively involved in government and to serve fellow citizens than by becoming a member of one of these important panels.

The Board of Commissioners appoints members to many local and regional boards. Some of these boards are advisory boards only and some make policy. If you are interested in serving, please contact the Board of Commissioners by mail, telephone, email or in person.

The County Clerk is responsible for maintaining records and keeping current all boards, commissions, authorities and committees' vacancies. The clerk will also announce pending vacancies.

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County Advisory Boards
Some or all of the members of these boards are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners and do not have policy-making authority. They advise the Board of Commissioners and any related county departments or agencies. Examples of County Advisory Boards are: Human Relations Commission, Library Board, Recreation Advisory Board, Planning Board, and Agriculture Advisory Board.

County Policy Boards
The County Board of Commissioners may or may not appoint the members of these boards; the key distinction is that they can make some major policy decisions without approval from the Board of Commissioners.

Examples of major policy boards for the county are: 

  • County Board of Elections: The members are appointed by the major political parties in the county and the Elections Director is appointed by the County Commissioners. This board makes major policy decisions related to elections, such as types of voting equipment used and voting site locations.
  • Board of Health: The members of the County Board of Health are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, but state law gives this board the authority to determine health policies and to appoint the Health Director.
  • Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors: One member of this board is elected by the county’s voters for a four-year term and one is selected at the state level. The board is granted specific authority around soil and water conservation programs and plans.
  • Mental Health Board: The state gives this board some policy-making authority related to mental health programs.