Hyper-Reach Emergency Alert Service

Telephone-based mass notifications systems are used by thousands of public safety agencies across the US to warn citizens about local emergencies, hazards and other threats.  Dade County uses Hyper-Reach to bring this life-saving capability to the area. 

The emergency alert system provides rapid notification of hazardous and urgent situations using a mix of telephone calls, text and email messages, and even TTY/TDD service for the hearing impaired.  In addition, Hyper-Reach provides Dade County  with access to the Wireless Emergency Alert system developed by FEMA, enabling broadcast text messages to most mobile phones made since 2011.  And there’s a free smartphone app for iPhones and Android devices that allows users to display and organize messages for specific addresses that are important to them.

Hyper-Reach is a state of the art mass emergency notification system designed specifically for public safety.  The system sends thousands of telephone calls, SMS text messages and emails to geographically targeted households in seconds. A new feature sends broadcast messages to most current mobile telephones in an affected area.  And Hyper-Reach Anywhere is a smartphone app lets people monitor their home, office and other addresses they care about.

The county uses the service primarily for alerts about weather and environmental hazards, criminal activity and missing persons.  Landline phones are automatically enrolled, but mobile phones are only included when people enroll.  Residents and people who work in Dade County are encouraged CLICK HERE to sign up for the service.