Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks and Recreation's mission is to provide Dade County with a safe place for play and sports. We are always working to improve the Dade County Sports Complex.

The Department works together with Dade County citizens, community, business and government leaders, to create programs and facilities for use both in our local community and by visitors to the area.

We are proud to share the many features of the Dade County Sports Complex. Constructed in 1990, this fifty acre facility located off of Hwy 11 features seven baseball fields, four tennis courts, four batting cages, two full size soccer fields, and a full size football field. The site also includes a central concession stand, several restroom locations, and a playground on each side of the park. Ample parking is available on site to handle a packed Saturday at the park.

The Department of Parks and Recreation maintains that parks are not only important to keeping an active youth in the community, but they are also assets that increase Dade County's desirability as a beautiful place to live, work and play.

Stacy Stephens

Director of County Parks and Recreation

Telephone: (423) 290-8415


For information on use of Jenkins Park located inside the city limits please call the City of Trenton  

(706) 657-4167 or after hours by calling (423) 316-7443


  1. Baseball/Softball Fields: The original feature of the sports park, which lead it to being fondly nicknamed "The Four Fields" by locals. Today the field that resided in the top left of the square of fields has been transformed to three smaller fields separated by a playground. Later a seventh field was added to accomodate the growing youth league in Dade County.
  2. Concession Stand: A ballpark staple, the concession stand is nestled between the "Four Fields" providing a central location to get all of your favorite snacks for the big game.
  3. Batting Cages: The perfect place to put the finishing touches on your swing before the big game, the park includes four batting cages with protective barriers for pitchers and a surrounding inclosure.
  4. Tennis Courts: The park includes four full sized tennis courts that are fenced in but always open to the public. The courts are regulation size and concrete.
  5. Playgrounds: There are two playgrounds in the park to give the small children a place to play while big brother or big sister are having a ball game. The original is located across from the batting cages and the newer playground is located amid the youth baseball fields.
  6. Soccer Fields: Added in 2005, the two soccer fields located below the main parking lot play home to the community soccer league games. The two adjacent fields are surrounded by ample parking and room for spectators.
  7. Football Field: This field, added along with the soccer fields, lies below the soccer fields on the far end of the park. The field is marked and has field goals.
  8. Walking Track: The Complex also features a walking track that circles the baseball/softball fields. This track provides parents with a good way to exercise while the kids play ball and is also a great way to take in the natural beauty of the complex. Walking the track gives a great view of the games taking place on the baseball/softball fields. Track accessable parking is located both near the entrance to the complex (near #1 on the map) and near the tennis courts (#3).











Interested in renting the park?

We are happy to offer field rentals for your tournament or game! The park is available for rent any day from 9 AM to Midnight with no games starting after 9 PM. If you have any questions please contact Stacy Stephens at the number above. The rental form is available for download here. Once completed please turn it in to the address listed on the sheet or to the Dade County Administrative Building.