Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Job Title Department Phone Numbers Email
Debbie Atchley Front Office Health Dept. 706-657-6181 Email
Mary Bailey Human Resource/Bookkeeper Administration 706-657-4625 Email
Hugh Blevins Maintenance Supervisor Building Maintenance 706-657-4357 Email
Stephen Bonteroe Soil Conservationist Soil Conservationist 706-657-4174
Allan Bradford Commissioner Board Of Commissioners 423-413-0245 Email
Carolyn Bradford Juvenile Court Administrator Juvenile Court 706-657-6056 Email
Mary Ann Bradford Secretary Sheriff's Office 706-657-3233 Email
Sharon Bradford OCS Health Dept. 706-657-4213 Email
Tommy Bradford Chief Deputy Sheriff's Office 706-657-3233 Email
Stephanie Brown Clerk Tax Commissioner 706-657-7563 Email
Lynn Buffington Cheif Clerk Probate Court 706-657-4414 Email
Michael Caldwell Assistant Superior Court Judge 706-657-7131 Email
Kerri Carter Probate Court Judge Probate Court 706-657-4414
Alex Case Emergency Services Director E- 911 706-657-4111 Email
Sandy Case RN Health Dept. 706-657-4213
Peter Cervelli Executive Director for Industrial Development Auth Administration 423-667-3889 Email
Amanda Clark First-Family Coordinator Georgia Family Connection 423-883-6938 Email
Cindy Cross Front Desk Property Assessor's 706-657-6341 Email
Ray Cross Sheriff Sheriff's Office 706-657-3233
David Dunn Public Defender Public Defender 706-657-2602
Paula Duvall Chief Property Assessor's 706-657-6341 Email
Steven Ellis Judge Juvenile Court 706-638-3044
Tammy Franklin Director, Nurse Manager Health Dept. 706-657-4213 Email
Angie Galloway Deputy Tax Commissioner Tax Commissioner 706-657-7563 Email
Chip Geddie Deputy Coroner Coroner 706-657-7511
Robert Goff Commissioner Board Of Commissioners 423-503-0618 Email
Johnny Gray Coroner Coroner 706-858-2155 Email
Kirby Hill Chief Deputy Clerk Superior Court Clerk 706-657-4778 Email
Brian House Superior Court Judge Superior Court Judge 706-657-7131
Chris Howell GIS Specialist Property Assessor's 706-657-6341 Email
Jon Klepper Environmentalist Health Dept. 706-657-6181 Email
Joel McCormick Chief Judge Magistrate Court 706-657-4113
Jane Moreland Tax Commissioner Tax Commissioner 706-657-7563 Email
Charles Morgan Assistant Magistrate Judge Magistrate Court 706-657-4113
Patty Murphy Personal Property Property Assessor's 706-657-6341 Email
Kelsey Oliver Clerk Probate Court 706-657-4414
Kathy Page Superior Courts Clerk & Juvenile Court Superior Court Clerk 706-657-4778 Email
Travis Patton Civil Division Superior Court Clerk 706-657-4778 Email
Scottie Pittman Commissioner Board Of Commissioners 423-413-6572 Email
Ted Rumley Chairman/County Executive Board Of Commissioners 423-667-8999 Email
Amanda Smith Field Assessor Property Assessor's 706-657-6341 Email
Faith Smith Clerk Tax Commissioner 706-657-7563
Melissa Smith Accounts Payable Administration 706-657-4625 Email
Mitchell Smith Commissioner Board Of Commissioners 423-664-2567 Email
Sue Story Secretary Public Defender 706-657-2602
Connie Street Clerk Magistrate Court 706-657-4113 Email
Don Townsend County Clerk & Chief Finance Officer Administration 706-657-4625 Email
Lowanna Vaughan Election Supervisor Elections 706-657-8170 Email
Vicki Walker Clerk Tax Commissioner 706-657-7563 Email
Natalie Walls Environmentalist Health Dept. 706-657-6181 Email