Departments & Offices


The administration department performs general management functions for Dade County. This department includes the County Executive, County Clerk, Permitting, Budgeting, Finance, County Attorney, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Human Resources. For more information, call our helpline at 706-657-HELP (4357).

This link leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data .

Animal Control

Dade County Animal Control handles complaints regarding stray or nuisance animals. Please contact the Commission office for more information, 706-657-4625. If you have an emergency, such as an animal bite please call 911. If you are interested in adoption, animal rescue, etc. please contact the Tri-State Humane Society at 423-505-1714.

Use the link below to see a list of Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Rehabilitator List:

Board of Commissioners

Dade County has four districts elected at large for staggered four-year terms. The County is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, who also carries the title of County Executive. For more information, call 706-657-4625.

Board of Elections

The Elections and Registration Office is responsible for assuring all citizens of Dade County who wish to participate in the democratic process are properly registered and understand the process to cast their vote. The Board of Elections assists all citizens in the elections and registration process; conduct accurate, fair, and honest elections; and maintain registration and election records. For more information, call 706-657-8170.

Board of Equalization

The Board of Equalization is responsible for hearing appeals filed by property owners wishing to dispute the value placed on their property by the Dade County Board of Assessors. Mrs. Kathy Page serves as the Appeal Administrator. For more information, call 706-657-1513.

Chief Magistrate

The Chief Magistrate presides over Dade County Magistrate Court as specified in Georgia Constitution and handles civil claims less than $15,000, bad checks, arrest warrants and search warrants, and County violations. Dade County’s Chief Magistrate is Joel McCormick and he is assisted by Magistrate Charles Morgan. To contact the Magistrate Court Office, call 706-657-4113.

Code of Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is a functional area within Dade County, focusing on the enforcement of codes and ordinances through education and compliance.


The Communications Department of Dade County, Georgia utilizes local media and social media as well as email lists and a text alert system to help inform citizens about county happenings.  To reach Dade County's Public Information Officer Carey Fauscett Anderson please email or call/text 423-290-6655.  
Dade County Georgia YouTube Channel 

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Community Watch Program

Dade County Community Watch Program, administered by the Dade County Sheriff’s Office, is an organized group of civilians devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within these communities:

• New Salem Community Watch            
• South Dade Community Watch
• West Brow Community Watch

For more information about this program, or to ask about being a part, call the sheriff’s office at 706-657-3233.


The purpose for the Office of the Coroner is to determine the cause and manner of death of anyone that dies in any county in the State of Georgia. The Coroner is elected at large to a four-year term. The current Dade County Coroner is Courtney Gross. Contact her at 423-309-6290 or by email at

Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) – Welfare Assistance

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) investigates reports of child abuse; finds foster and adoptive homes for abused and neglected children; issues SNAP, Medicaid, TANF and child care assistance to low-income families; helps out-of-work parents get back on their feet; and provides numerous support services and innovative programs to help families in need. For more information, contact DFCS at 706-657-7511. You can visit the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services website by clicking here.

Department of Juvenile Justice

The mission of the Dade County Juvenile Court is to protect the well-being of the children under the court’s jurisdiction, providing guidance and control as necessary, while balancing the needs and best interests of the community. For more information, call 706-657-6056.

District Attorney’s Office

The Office of the District Attorney serves primarily as the prosecuting attorney in the Superior Court of Dade County. In Dade County, the District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of all criminal cases involving at least one felony charge. At the forefront of every case is the priority to identify those which involve victims and to provide assistance as needed. To contact the District Attorney’s Office, call 706-657-7530.

Emergency Services

Dade County’s Emergency Services consists of three departments: E-911, EMA, and EMS. For more information, contact the Emergency Services Department at 706-657-4111.


E-911 serves as a communications bridge between those who are in need of public safety assistance and those who provide that service in a timely and accurate manner.

Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Dade County Emergency Management is the local agency is responsible for coordination and mitigation, preparedness, and response and recovery efforts to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Dade County. Dade County EMA works closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA).

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Dade EMS and ambulance service administers appropriate pre-hospital medical treatment to the ill and injured, in a timely manner contracted through Puckett EMS.

Economic Development

The purpose is to be the primary point of contact for various industries, commercial developments, site location consultants, and state economic development organizations interested in developing, expanding, or locating new or expanded businesses in Dade County. You can learn more about Dade County economic development by visiting the website for the Industrial Development Authority at

Extension Agency / 4H

The Dade County UGA Extension Office brings research-based education directly to individuals, families, and communities. Our UGA Extension is dedicated to helping people find answers to questions related to agriculture, the environment, families, and 4-H & Youth. For more information, call 706-657-4116.

Laura Beth Cunningham Agent Announcement

Fire Departments

Dade County’s Fire Departments work hand-in-hand with Dade County Emergency Services to provide for the safety of the citizens of Dade County through fire and rescue emergency services.

Davis 706-657-4141
Trenton 706-657-4167
New Home 706-657-7729
New Salem 706-657-4469
North Dade
South Dade 706-657-7522
West Brow

For emergencies, please call 911.
For more information, contact the Emergency Services Department at 706-657-4111

Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

Mission - The Industrial Development Authority’s mission is to entice businesses to re-locate to Dade County and support businesses that are already here, so that the people of Dade County may benefit from good jobs and improved quality of life.


To retain existing jobs;
To create new job opportunities through the expansion of existing industry;
To create new job opportunities through the attraction of new industry;
To support capital investment by new and expanding businesses;
To work cooperatively with state government, local governments, and school board to further economic development; and
To increase the County’s tax base.

Dade County Industrial Development Authority
c/o Executive Director
71 Case Ave.
PO Box 613
Trenton, GA 30752

Phone: 706-657-8300

Information Technology (IT)

The responsibilities of the Information Technology Department is to provide high-quality computer services, state-of-the-art computer networks, and software applications, reliable equipment, and system access, proficient technical support, and assistance to improve the efficiency and productivity of Dade County operations.


The primary function of the Dade County Jail is the receiving, processing, and, housing of individuals charged with a felony and/or misdemeanor criminal violations. The secondary function is the housing of sentenced inmates. For more information about the Dade County Jail, please call 706-657-2277.

Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court is to protect the well-being of the children under the court’s jurisdiction, providing guidance and control as necessary, while balancing the needs and best interests of the community.

The court has jurisdiction over most children under the age of 18 who are charged with violating any law or are deemed runaways, ungovernable, or beyond parental control. For more information, call 706-657-6056.

Parks & Recreation

The purpose of Dade County Parks and Recreation is to develop, maintain, and promote passive recreation opportunities for all citizens of and visitors to Dade County Sports Complex and future facilities. For more information, call the Parks & Recreation Director, Mr. Stacy Stephens at 423-290-8415.

Probate Court

Probate Court is a court of limited jurisdiction responsible for the probate and administration of estates for Dade County residents. The Probate Court exercises exclusive, original jurisdiction in the probate of wills, administration of estates, the appointment of guardians and involuntary hospitalization of incapacitated adults and other individuals. All probate court judges administer oaths of office, issue marriage licenses, handle traffic citations, and provide birth and death certificates. They also handle game and fish law violation cases. For additional information, please call 706-657-4414. 

Public Defender

The Georgia Public Defender Council is an independent agency within the executive branch of the state government of Georgia that ensures each client whose cause has been entrusted to a circuit public defender receives adequate, cost-effective, and ethical legal representation, consistent with the guarantees of the Constitution of the State of Georgia, the Constitution of the United States and the mandates of the Georgia Indigent Defense Act of 2003. You can contact the Dade County Public Defender’s Office at 706-657-2602.

Public Health Department

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) funds and collaborates with Dade County to protect and improve the health of our communities through the prevention of disease, the promotion of healthy behaviors, access to quality services, strong community partnerships, and disaster preparedness. For more information, call 706-657-4213. 

Public Library

The Dade County Public Library is located at 102 Court Street and provides access to many community programs for children and adults. They have a designated room for local history, a large format printer, 3D printer, copier, and other technologies. For more information about the Dade County Public Library, call 706-657-7857.

Public Transportation

Dade County Transit provides safe, reliable, accessible and affordable public transportation for residents of Dade County. Transportation is provided for educational needs, employment, shopping, social activities, medical appointments, and many other places. To learn more about the department or to schedule a pickup, call 706-657-8277.

2021 Title VI Transit Plan

Dade County Transit No Show Policy

Public Works

Dade County Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of roads, culverts, street signs, rights-of-way, and all Dade County owned machinery and equipment. Dade County Public Works is also responsible for public services such as the waste transfer station and recycling collection as well as snow and ice removal. You can contact Billy Massengale, the Public Works Director at 423-298-6565.

Recycling & Waste Transfer Station

As a resident of Dade County (with a Dade County car plate/tag), a citizen may dispose up to 8 bags of trash/garbage on a daily basis for free at the Dade County Transfer Station located at 888 Sunset Drive, Trenton, Georgia 30752.

Scales for truckloads of garbage/refuse are open until 4 p.m. daily priced by the ton. Also, all citizens are encouraged to bring unlimited amounts of recyclables to the Dade County Recycling Center located at the same address. The Transfer Station and Recycling Center is open: Tuesday through Saturday
8 a.m. until 6 p.m. For additional information on what recycled materials are accepted, you may call 706-657-2776.

Senior Center

The Dade County Senior Center is located adjacent to the Dade County Sports Complex. The Center is designated by the Georgia Department of Human services as an Area Agency on Aging (AAA). Through the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission, the center develops and administers programs for seniors throughout the regional service area. To learn more about the services Dade County provides for its seniors, call 706-657-7434.

Sheriff’s Office

The Dade County Sheriff’s Office provides each citizen with the highest level of protection of life and property while enforcing the laws of the State of Georgia and ensuring that the rights of each citizen are protected under the constitution. You can contact the Sheriff’s Office at 706-657-3233.

Soil and Water Conservation

Dade County hosts a Natural Resource Conservation Resource (NRCS) conservation technician. This technician assists landowners with technical assistance related to natural resources. The primary role of this position is to assist with Farm Bill Programs. To contact our local technician, call 423-421-2543.

Superior Court Judges

Dade County Superior Court is part of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit. The circuit is composed of four counties: Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, and Walker. There are four Superior Court judges serving the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit: Chief Judge Kristina Cook Graham, Judge Ralph Van Pelt, Jr., Judge Brian House, and Judge Don W. Thompson.

The superior court is Georgia’s general jurisdiction trial court. It has jurisdiction over both criminal and civil cases, such as felony cases, divorce cases, equity and cases regarding title to land.

Superior Court Clerk’s Office

The office of the Clerk of Superior Court was established by the first Constitution of the State of Georgia in 1778 as one of the four constitutional officers in each county. The other constitutional officers are the Sheriff, the Tax Commissioner, and the Probate Judge.  Kathy Page is Dade County Clerk of Superior Court.

Property Records & Appraisals

The Board of Assessors Office is responsible for the preparation of the annual real and personal property tax digest in compliance with the laws of Georgia. The Board Of Assessors Office creates a yearly digest in accordance with Georgia law and in a manner that will instill and maintain confidence in all property valuations through fairness and uniformity for all taxpayers. You can contact the Assessors Office at 706-657-6341.

Tax Commissioner’s Office

The Tax Commissioner performs all functions related to billing, collecting, disbursing and accounting for ad valorem taxes collected in the county on behalf of the State of Georgia, the Dade County Commission, and the Dade County Board of Education. If you have questions regarding local and state regulations for collection of taxes derived from motor vehicles, property, mobile homes, timber, public utility taxes, and street lighting fees please feel free to contact this office at 706-657-7563. 

Holiday Schedule for County and State Offices