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Dade County Parks and Recreational Department Program/ Activity Registration Form

  1. Seal of the Board of Commissioners Dade County GA
  2. Dade County Parks and Recreational Department Program/ Activity Registration Form
  3. Sex
  4. Resident or Non- Resident
  5. Participant ( if or over the time of registration) or Parent/ Guardian, please present one of the following documents and picture I.D as a proof of residency:
  6. Waiver of Liability
  7. I Understand that all athletic and recreational programs/ activities involve some risk of accident or injury. I agree to indemnify Dade County and hold Dade County harmless from any liability, claims, demands and judgement arising at any time when i and/or my minor child participate in any program activity. Therefore, my choice to participate in any program, activity or facility , and use of its equipment
  8. IS AT MY OWN RISK. I understand that Dade County does not provide insurance for participants, nor does it assume responsibility for accidents or injuries. However, Dade County may require the purchase of addditional insurance per participant for certain recreational programs/ activities.
  9. I authorize Dade County personnel associated with its athletic programs to act in my my behalf, to authorize medical treatment to, upon, or for the benefit of myself and/or my minor child, for any minor injury which may occur from our participation in any of Dade County Parks and Recreation programs and associated activities/ events. I recognize that such TREATMENT SHALL BE MY FULL RESPONSIBILITY. In the event of a more severe injury that may require emergency treatment, I authorize such personnel to see that myself and/or minor child is transported to and treated at the nearest medical facility, with the RELATED EXPENSE BEING MY FULL RESPONSIBILITY.
  10. I also hereby grant permission to the Dade County Parks and Recreation Department to use for any official purpose any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other records or program activities depicting myself or my minor child.
  11. NOTE: Refunds will be made to to participant only when scheduled programs are cancelled or a change has been made by the Parks and Recreation Department inhibiting customer attendance. NO OTHER REFUNDS WILL BE MADE.
  12. I have carefully read, understand and agree to Dade County's policies as stated above.
  13. For Office Use Only- Method of Payment Record
  14. Youth/Adult
  15. Employee Name
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