Proposed Reservoir

The Dade County Water And Sewer Authority along with Dade County have made plans for a future 70-acre public reservoir to be located south of Trenton, along Lookout Creek. The County and the City of Trenton worked 18 months devising a joint comprehensive plan that includes this and discussion of future plans. The proposed reservoir has the potential to further prepare the entire county for the future in terms of a reliable source of drinking water, flood prevention/mitigation, and recreation/tourism. This land is currently natural greenspace and much of it is floodplain/conservation areas.

• Environmental studies
• Land acquisition
• Prepare Reservoir Master Plan, focusing on: location, size, marketing, recreational/tourism opportunities,
• Create watershed protection requirements, like a land buffer (park) around the proposed reservoir to allow soil to filter impurities and protect water quality.
• Restrict the use of impervious surfaces (i.e. asphalt, concrete, etc.) that generate stormwater runoff.
• Pedestrian connections to downtown Trenton and nearby homes.

Greenspace/Conservation, Parks/Recreation

Proposed Reservoir Site Map 
Appraisal Report - Sells Lane - Proposed Dade County Reservoir Property
Joint Comprehensive Plan for Dade County and the City Of Trenton 2017-2027