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Application for Employment


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  • Step One

    1. Seal of the Board of Commissioners Dade County GA
    2. Dade County Board of Commissioners

      Human Resources
      Dade County Administrative Building
      71 Case Avenue, Suite 243
      P.O. Box 370
      Trenton, GA 30752-0613
      (706) 657-4625


      We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, the presence of a disability, or any other legally protected status.

    4. Personal Data
    5. Will you Accept?
    6. Are you over 18 years old?
    7. Are you eligible to work is the U.S> either because you are a U.S. Citizen or have U.S. government permission to do so?
    8. NOTE:

      If offered employment you will be required to provide documentation to verify employment eligibility. Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in a determination that the applicant is ineligible for employment in the United States.

    9. Have you ever worked for us before?
    10. Are you able to perform the job duties listed for the position you are applying for with or without accomodation(s)?
    11. If this position requires a valid Georgia Driver's License, do you have a valid driver's license?
    12. Have you had any traffic violations in the past 3 years?
    13. Have you ever been convicted of an offense against the law or are you now under charges for any offense against the law? (Omit non-moving traffic violations and any offense which was finally adjudicated in a Juvenile Court or under a Youth Offender Law).
    14. NOTE:

      A conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment. Each conviction will be judged on its own merits with respect to time, circumstances and seriousness.

    15. "We are An Equal Opportunity Employer"