Notice to the Public

DCBOC Commitment

The DCBOC's goal is not to discriminate against any person with respect to any DCBOC transit program or service. This commitment is incorporated into all public outreach efforts to engage all segments of the population in the transportation planning process. The DCBOC actively provides information regarding its Title VI obligations to the public using a variety of methods. 

Program & Complaint Procedure

Information, such as reference to the FTA circulars and the DCBOC Title VI and LEP programs and complaint procedure is available upon request at the DCBOC office. Notice of the non-discrimination policy is included in all transit contracts, public meeting and bid advertisements. The DCBOC, as well as each sub grantee and transportation provider, as applicable, must certify each year that there have been no Title VI complaints or lawsuits.

Title VI Requirements

As a policy, staff is educated on the Title VI requirements including how to assist a person who has limited English proficiency. The entire FTA non-discrimination clauses are included in all consultant contracts and sub-grantee agreements. The Title VI Notice is shown in Appendix A and posted at the Dade County government center, at the transit operator senior building, and on all County transit vehicles.